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G.Jyothi Prakash was a young man who was quite fond of pen sketching . From a very young age, he was fascinated with arts and started practicing painting, to express his ideas of thoughts . Prakash was always dedicated to his practice and spent countless hours perfecting his style and to draw the pictures using different techniques. One of his best qualities that he had trained on his sketching is he was inspired by the modern artist , that made him choose the Pen sketching.

One day, Prakash heard about the online event and decided to participate. He knew it would be a great opportunity to showcase his skills on an online platform.All the skills that he has been training to showcase have got an opportunity to exhibit .

With the support of her institution and staff, Prakash trained harder than ever before. His family has always been her inspiration, and was there to encourage his every step of the way. They had instilled in him the importance of perseverance and dedication, and Prakash had taken those values to heart.

Finally, the day of the exhibition of his talent not even a second he had doubt on him . Prakash was nervous but determined to give it his all and gave his best shot to draw three leaders painting using pen in the shortest span of 5 min and 47 seconds.

He was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. He knew that he could not have achieved this without the support of his SNS institution, staff, and most importantly, his family . He dedicated the win to his family and promised to continue working hard to make them proud.