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The Course Facilitator Sheds Light on Experiential Learning



Traditional academic systems may have limited exposure to industry partnerships and real- world applications hampers their ability to align coursework with practical skills sought by employers, hindering students' readiness for the professional world.
Bridging the gap between academia and industry is of paramount importance for experiential learning and cultivating industry-ready graduates. As the professional landscape evolves rapidly, academic institutions must align their curricula with current Industry needs, providing students with practical experiences, hands-on skills, and exposure to real-world challenges.
The Course Facilitator concept was strategically implemented to elevate experiential learning in higher education. Industry members are uniquely positioned to teach experiential learning due to their first-hand knowledge and practical experience in the field. Unlike traditional educators, industry professionals bring real-world insights, current industry practices, and hands-on expertise into the classroom.
Key elements contributed to the success of Course Facilitator are Strategic Selection of Course Facilitators

The decision to choose facilitators from experts affiliated with MAANG/FAANG companies and prestigious academic institutions indicated a strategic approach to bringing real-world expertise into the learning environment. This ensured that students were exposed to industry-relevant insights and perspectives.

Allocation of Course Content
The decision to allocate 20 percent of the course content to course facilitators struck a balance, ensuring that the industry insights complemented the core academic curriculum. This integration maintained a benchmark for effective implementation, preventing the dilution of academic rigor while still reaping the benefits of experiential learning.
Collaboration between Course Handling Faculty and Facilitators
The collaboration between course handling faculty members and course facilitators was vital. This joint effort in determining course content, teaching methods, assessment strategies, and rubrics ensured a cohesive and integrated learning experience. It leveraged the strengths of both academia and industry to provide a well-rounded education.
Utilization of Industry Knowledge
The course facilitators' integration of industry knowledge, authentic case studies, tools, designs, and real-time examples enhanced higher-order thinking skills. This approach not only connected theoretical concepts to practical applications but also exposed students to the latest trends and challenges in their respective fields, preparing them for the dynamic nature of the professional world.
Follow-Up Mechanism
The incorporation of assignments after each session and the active involvement of course facilitators in reviewing and providing feedback contributed to the effectiveness of the experiential learning model. This iterative feedback loop not only reinforced the knowledge gained but also allowed for continuous improvement and adaptation.
Feedback Culture
The emphasis on collecting feedback from both students and course facilitators demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement. This feedback-driven approach ensured that the experiential learning model remained responsive to the evolving needs of students and aligned with industry expectations. It fostered a culture of openness and adaptability.

Jagadeesh B & Reshmaraj R, Design Thinking, Center for Learning & Teaching, SNS Institutions, TN

Dr. Karthik Soman, Specialist, Department of Neurology, California San Francisco, USA


Nurturing Innovators in SNS College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity
- Nat Turner

In the competitive job market, outlook and communication plays a vital role in securing placements, especially during economic downturns. With strong communication abilities and positive outlook our students stand out as potential candidates by increasing their chances of success in placement drives, even during recession. Yes, they have transformed themselves with the SpineX program and cracked their interviews.



The placement report from Mr. Suresh Vengodan, Vice president HR, Aquity shows our institution is instilled with basic etiquette in our students, emphasizing the significance of clear and concise communication as they serve for people. They empathize effectively to meet the needs and expectations of the hospital and people.

In an era where the pharmaceutical industry demands not only technical expertise but also a knack for innovation and effective communication, SNS College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences emerges as a nurturing ground for future leaders, as great leaders communicate and great communicators lead.

Our goal is to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, enabling our emerging pharmacists to contribute meaningfully to the pharmaceutical industry and make a positive impact on society in real-world scenarios.

In the domain of pharmaceutical education, SNS College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences stands unique for creativity and productivity. We have seamlessly integrated distinct course, design thinking into our educational framework by encouraging problem-solving skills among students.

Incorporating Design Thinking framework with effective communication skills, we guarantee that our graduates excel not only as skilled pharmacists but also as adept problem solvers. They emerge as articulate professionals poised to make a significant impact in the pharmaceutical realm.


The Power of Storytelling in Interviews


Communication is the solvent of all problems and is the foundation for personal development.              
--Peter Shepherd

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and career development, effective communication and storytelling skills have become paramount, especially when navigating the competitive realm of interviews.
We integrate a curriculum rooted in Design Thinking within the nursing and health industry, aiming to empower students through our five comprehensive growth centers. These centers foster an entrepreneurial mindset and contribute to the overall development of personnel.
The students of SNS College of Nursing have  mastered healthcare and have also honed their abilities to convey their experiences effectively. As soft skills play a pivotal role in career advancement, our curriculum prioritizes communication and storytelling as integral components of professional development through the SpineX program.
Beyond clinical expertise, our budding nurses are equipped with strong storytelling abilities  where they can effectively communicate complex medical information, fostering empathy and understanding patients, their families and communities emotions which also pave way to crack interviews.
Nursing students embrace the vision of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset which is positioned to revolutionize healthcare. To impart clinical excellence hands-on training & networking are given from Kumaran Medical Centre and BRJ Ortho Centre & MAK Hospital.
We produce highly qualified and certified nurses who can improve the health and wellness of every member of our society by offering high-quality education that meets international standards, instilling professional ethics and skill-based clinical excellence in nursing students, and providing patient care.



How an effective Resume helps our students to land in their dream job!!

Securing employment as an IT graduate offers diverse opportunities, spanning data science, cyber security, cloud computing, web development, and database administration. Crafting a compelling resume is crucial for recent graduates, showcasing skills, achievements, and relevant experiences like internships or volunteering.


Here is how we guide our aspiring students to follow the below
steps in drafting their resume.

Whether leaning towards hardware or software within the IT field, there are various categories to explore, such as manufacturing, maintenance, development, programming, testing, and support.

We guide our students to carefully analyze job descriptions to grasp employer requirements, including skills and educational criteria. Incorporating  keywords relevant to the position, aligning with the employer's preferences.


We encourage our students to use the open source platform CANVA to create their resume with the template of their own in their own creative sense. This platform is giving them a diverse knowledge on how a resume can look like and they can tailor made their own.

The students are encouraged to Opt for a visually appealing and well-organized resume layout. Utilize a one-inch border, clear font, and structured bullet points. Present information in neat blocks for easy readability, exploring templates from online databases or word-processing applications.

Placing the Content in right place in Resume

Include a Professional Summary:

Below the contact information, providing a professional summary summarizing key skills, relevant experience, achievements, career goals, will help the student to stand out why he/she had applied for the job. As a fresher, highlight coursework, extracurricular activities, or volunteer work if lacking traditional work experience.

Provide Relevant Work/ Internship  Experience:

Showcasing internships, volunteer activities, or academic projects pertinent to the application is mandatory. For example, highlight web development skills gained through creating a college website. While doing so, we are guiding them to Keep this section concise, emphasizing only relevant details.

Include Educational Background:

Listing the educational details in reverse chronological order, mentioning the degree, college name, location, and graduation date is a mandate. Optionally grade point average and relevant certifications, has to be added.

Highlight Your Skills:

Encompass both hard and soft skills in this section, covering technical aspects like web development, database management, and soft skills such as interpersonal abilities and problem-solving.

This comprehensive approach ensures any student resume effectively communicating their strengths to potential employers.

The prepared resume are checked for the ATS system check sites that are available open source which are helping us to curate the resume of the students as required by the individual company/employer

If you have specific queries or need further assistance, feel free to reach us!



Skill and Career Development

SNS Institutions


An impressive surge in Accenture Placement Conversions admid the current economic downturn

1699531384563 (1).jpg
Talent Wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
Michael Jordan

1699531384563 (1).jpg

We have witnessed that , continuous learning irrespective of whether we achieve the target or not, it is obvious that we will get the best results that are unimaginable. Yes, we made it!!

In the dynamic landscape of job placements, the current academic year presents unique challenges, demanding a shift in strategies to secure coveted positions. Unlike previous years, obtaining placements has become more intricate, with companies setting higher standards and emphasizing skill-based recruitment. Notably, many IT and ITES companies have curtailed bulk hiring, with some leading firms even suspending recruitment efforts for the year. Fortunately, Accenture stands out as an exception, providing a valuable opportunity for students and colleges alike.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-27 at 11.16.08 AM (1).jpeg

Recognizing the evolving demands, our team has proactively undertaken the task of narrowing the gap between student skills and company expectations. A meticulous plan was formulated a month in advance, focusing on understanding the intricacies of Accenture's recruitment process. Commencing from day one, students were groomed systematically. In this challenging scenario, mentorship emerged as a crucial element, with a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:20. Experienced faculty members were assigned to comprehend each student's current skill level, tailoring strategies to address individual needs.

Given Accenture's multi-section written test, where meeting the minimum cutoff in all sections is imperative for progression, our approach emphasized motivating and training every student to excel across all six sections. Various tests, ranging from online and offline formats to rapid-fire and peer group rounds, were designed based on the difficulty level of each section.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-27 at 11.16.09 AM (1).jpeg

Throughout the entire Accenture placement journey, mentors played a pivotal role in inspiring their mentees and guiding them through every round. The success achieved is attributed not to the efforts of a single individual but rather to the collaborative endeavor of a dedicated team. This collective effort includes professionals in placement, training, mentoring, department placement coordinators, and supportive lab staff.

A great kudos to the HR Recruiter Mr. Vivin Vincent, Accenture for his excellent punctuality and ensuring effective and smooth conduction of the drive in all aspects. His dedication towards his work is really admirable.  Finally, great thanks to the management for always believing in us and motivating us to do greater tasks!

Dr. T. Tharankumar & Ms. M.Bhuvaneshwari
Skill and Career Development
SNS Institutions