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KUKUFM intern

Company Name: KUKUFM

Position: Promo Writer Intern - Hindi

Location: Remote

Required Skills: Must be able to communicate and understand Hindi language. Knowledge of the English language is a plus. Relevant experience, with a portfolio of successful promotional scripts and creative writing work. Exceptional storytelling skills with an understanding of the auditory medium. Good at understanding what parts of a long show can be sold in the market via a shorter format. Generate innovative ideas for promotional campaigns. Experience in using AI tools like ChatGPT Plus for scripting, research & more. Flexible writing style adaptable to different genres and demographics. Openness to feedback and willingness to iterate based on collaborative input. Manage multiple projects efficiently, delivering high-quality promotional scripts within specified timelines. Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. storytelling,promo,artificial intelligence,research,hindi,writing,creative writing,promotional,scripting.

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Company Name: Leadsquared

Position: Intern - QA

Location: Bangalore

Required Skills: Must understand basic computer science and fundamentals of networking, HTTP, web server and web applications. Knowledge of debugging codes and software development languages. Ability to collate data and compile test reports. Ability to design and write complex software testing procedures. Diligent and responsible

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