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It's a mothers gift to give birth to a child and the child reverts the special to mother and others by outcasting its talent in all fields . Saatvik is one such kid who has an eminent personality to seize the people by his charming look and the talent imbibed in him. He is kind of an inspiration not only to his classmates but to his parents too.

He has the special talent of participating in all the competitions and he makes sure that he is the man of the match in anything he steps on. There he shows his uniqueness in all possible ways to cover his audience and others.He is born inspiration. He stands for the word Multifaceted personality.

Saatvik has participated in Art and craft and has won first prize . He has participated in Dance competitions too. He has also moved a step further and participated in online competitions and has won third prize in National Level Republic Day contest

He has a cool attitude and charismatic face which is a plus point , so when he participates in any competition he makes sure that he is the best amongst the best . Saatvik is a smart kid who understands and grabs the things in one catch .So it's quite easy for the Teachers to mold him for his achievements . He could shine as a star at this young age and his success is celebrated through the SNS Institution support and encouragement. He stands as an epitome of a perfectly molded product of SNS.

This is a sample of how the seeds of young minds are germinated in the perfect land of SNS Institute to build a complete humane and wholesome successful person .