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"Calculating with the Wisdom of the Ancients: The Timeless Abacus"

Sahasrasarayu.S, who is studying at UKG in the SNS Academy, is a young child with high aspirations. She was always amazed by numbers and loved nothing more than figuring out math problems. She trains at National Kids, where she is a renowned student with a concentration in mental arithmetic. Sarayu learned the skill of abacus solving. She found the idea fascinating and soon started showing up to classes frequently. For two years, she practiced daily, putting a lot of effort into improving her skills. Her commitment and diligence soon proved useful.

Her teacher once announced a contest to gauge the students' skills. It was necessary to resolve as many abacus puzzles as you could in less than five minutes. She was determined to do her best and started practising relentlessly. She would solve problems even while waiting for the school bus or during her lunch break.
Sarayu was both anxious and eager as the competition day approached. She settled in with the other pupils and awaited the start of the countdown. As soon as the timer went off, her fingers zipped over the abacus beads, answering each problem with amazing quickness and perfection.
Sarayu set a new competition record by resolving 91 issues in 4 minutes and 54 seconds, which surprised the judges. She was praised by her classmates and parents, who were impressed by her talent and diligence. She achieved Kalam book of world Records.
She had the support and encouragement from SNS Academy ,school's principal, staff, and administration. Sarayu's family was delighted and prompted her to carry on sharpening her abilities.
Her commitment and diligence paid off, and she experienced great success in life, inspiring many students to explore similar goals. Sarayu was able to realize her goals and scale new heights in both her academic and personal lives because of the support of her family and school.