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Story of

9-year-old world recorder 


Sahruda is a 9-year-old girl with a passion for dance, sports, science and more. She is in the process of completing her Grade 4 in SNS Academy. Before entering her primary schooling, she was a shy and reserved girl, her mother motivated her to attend school competitions and activities. She shares, "when I won First prize in a running competition, it boosted my confidence".

When people started appreciating her for the dance performance in the Annual Day event, she became more confident and took an oath to learn everything and achieve as much as she can.

Sahruda worked hard and took the support of her parents, teachers, friends and also the well-wishers to get more involved and find a good balance. Her journey started successfully and won so many prizes and awards at the age of seven. She won State and District Medals in Artistic Roller skating, won Olympiad medals in Science, Astronomy, NASA, Maths and others. She also got recognition for her Ballet dance and Bharatanatyam. Not only in dance her achievement continued in Debate, Elocution, Sports, Karate and other activities. She has a collective of 150+ certificates, medals, trophies and prizes. All these pushed her to achieve more and more. One day Sahruda's parents challenged her to set World Record recognized by GlobalBodies. She took over that challenge and set two Elite World Records.

She has a Two Elite World Records for

  • "A maximum number of tiles broken by a minor female in 20 minutes, totaling 350".
  • "A maximum number of origami shapes done by a minor female in 1 hour, totaling 102".


Even the pandemic situations, didn't stop her to achieve more, she set a Guinness record for in a team event of chanting Hanuman Chalisa in the year 2020 while studying at SNS Academy. she also recognized in Storytelling, Public Speaking, SpellBee & Speed Math, she totally owns 250+ awards till now.Sahruda concludes by saying, "I think I have just started, and I am not satisfied as my ambition is to become a professional tennis player and to become an astronaut and land on Mars currently. Since I strongly believe in the quote that “Success is a journey and not a destination,” I hope that with the continued support of my parents, family, friends, teachers, and well-wishers, I shall continue to achieve more such awards and recognitions and make all of them proud, while I remain humble and thirsty to learn and achieve more in life".