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An impressive surge in Accenture Placement Conversions admid the current economic downturn

Talent Wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
Michael Jordan

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We have witnessed that , continuous learning irrespective of whether we achieve the target or not, it is obvious that we will get the best results that are unimaginable. Yes, we made it!!

In the dynamic landscape of job placements, the current academic year presents unique challenges, demanding a shift in strategies to secure coveted positions. Unlike previous years, obtaining placements has become more intricate, with companies setting higher standards and emphasizing skill-based recruitment. Notably, many IT and ITES companies have curtailed bulk hiring, with some leading firms even suspending recruitment efforts for the year. Fortunately, Accenture stands out as an exception, providing a valuable opportunity for students and colleges alike.

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Recognizing the evolving demands, our team has proactively undertaken the task of narrowing the gap between student skills and company expectations. A meticulous plan was formulated a month in advance, focusing on understanding the intricacies of Accenture's recruitment process. Commencing from day one, students were groomed systematically. In this challenging scenario, mentorship emerged as a crucial element, with a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:20. Experienced faculty members were assigned to comprehend each student's current skill level, tailoring strategies to address individual needs.

Given Accenture's multi-section written test, where meeting the minimum cutoff in all sections is imperative for progression, our approach emphasized motivating and training every student to excel across all six sections. Various tests, ranging from online and offline formats to rapid-fire and peer group rounds, were designed based on the difficulty level of each section.

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Throughout the entire Accenture placement journey, mentors played a pivotal role in inspiring their mentees and guiding them through every round. The success achieved is attributed not to the efforts of a single individual but rather to the collaborative endeavor of a dedicated team. This collective effort includes professionals in placement, training, mentoring, department placement coordinators, and supportive lab staff.

A great kudos to the HR Recruiter Mr. Vivin Vincent, Accenture for his excellent punctuality and ensuring effective and smooth conduction of the drive in all aspects. His dedication towards his work is really admirable.  Finally, great thanks to the management for always believing in us and motivating us to do greater tasks!

Dr. T. Tharankumar & Ms. M.Bhuvaneshwari
Skill and Career Development
SNS Institutions