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How an effective Resume helps our students to land in their dream job!!

Securing employment as an IT graduate offers diverse opportunities, spanning data science, cyber security, cloud computing, web development, and database administration. Crafting a compelling resume is crucial for recent graduates, showcasing skills, achievements, and relevant experiences like internships or volunteering.


Here is how we guide our aspiring students to follow the below
steps in drafting their resume.

Whether leaning towards hardware or software within the IT field, there are various categories to explore, such as manufacturing, maintenance, development, programming, testing, and support.

We guide our students to carefully analyze job descriptions to grasp employer requirements, including skills and educational criteria. Incorporating  keywords relevant to the position, aligning with the employer's preferences.


We encourage our students to use the open source platform CANVA to create their resume with the template of their own in their own creative sense. This platform is giving them a diverse knowledge on how a resume can look like and they can tailor made their own.

The students are encouraged to Opt for a visually appealing and well-organized resume layout. Utilize a one-inch border, clear font, and structured bullet points. Present information in neat blocks for easy readability, exploring templates from online databases or word-processing applications.

Placing the Content in right place in Resume

Include a Professional Summary:

Below the contact information, providing a professional summary summarizing key skills, relevant experience, achievements, career goals, will help the student to stand out why he/she had applied for the job. As a fresher, highlight coursework, extracurricular activities, or volunteer work if lacking traditional work experience.

Provide Relevant Work/ Internship  Experience:

Showcasing internships, volunteer activities, or academic projects pertinent to the application is mandatory. For example, highlight web development skills gained through creating a college website. While doing so, we are guiding them to Keep this section concise, emphasizing only relevant details.

Include Educational Background:

Listing the educational details in reverse chronological order, mentioning the degree, college name, location, and graduation date is a mandate. Optionally grade point average and relevant certifications, has to be added.

Highlight Your Skills:

Encompass both hard and soft skills in this section, covering technical aspects like web development, database management, and soft skills such as interpersonal abilities and problem-solving.

This comprehensive approach ensures any student resume effectively communicating their strengths to potential employers.

The prepared resume are checked for the ATS system check sites that are available open source which are helping us to curate the resume of the students as required by the individual company/employer

If you have specific queries or need further assistance, feel free to reach us!



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