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Journey of a budding Author

Vigneshwaran Ganapathi from SNS College of Technology is recognized for his book "DESIGN THINKING AND SOLVING VISION" which is dedicated to all Engineers, Pursuing Engineering Students, Design Thinking Learners, Science Explorers and Educational Institutions. Vignesh states, " It makes me elated to share my thoughts about SNS and how it has inspired bringing awesomeness to create a book as well as in students engineering life event. It was 2017, I was admitted to SNS college of technology after two years of tragedy in my schooling. It received me with a good hold that taught me how engineering is going to be in the coming years." During the first three semesters of Vignesh, DT was absolutely different. Yes "DT" meant here is Daily Test, he used to write this every working day morning shuffling with the neighboring class with zero conversions. After his 3rd semester, it started with the boot camp of DT, Now the transformation is very absolute, "DT" termed here is Design Thinking.

Then Vignesh engaged with the neighboring classes every morning first hour, but this time with his own juniors and seniors with the reciprocal to the word "zero conversation". "We learned many things irrespective of juniors, seniors and even teachers, this brings a huge motive to create and solve something. We share the progress with each, worked as a team to solve the problem statement that we drafted and prototyped in the boot camp," says Vignesh.

According to me Engineering is to make something happen in an efficient way, the concept of engineering is zero when there is lack of efficiency in a process than the previous one. Yes, Design Thinking absolutely worked on this statement and encountered more efficiency in engineering and architectural studies. I felt this itself an inspiration to create and regulate something for mankind. It also ignited my vision on creating a book.

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